Double Tilt Elite Windows

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A vision for the


Casement and Awning Windows

are easy to operate, making it

simple to enjoy the fresh




...lasting  strength

and beauty...




















When you picture your home with Double

Tilt Elite Windows, envision more than a

dramatic new look - envision lasting

strength and beauty.


Double Tilt Elite Windows are engineered

to provide optimum performance for years

to come. Which means you can enjoy then

peace of mind that comes from knowing

you've made a sound investment.



The sleek design of this 2-Lite Slider

showcases the beauty of the outdoors.


Tilt-in sashes make cleaning easy! Simply

tilt in. wipe with a clean cloth and snap

back into place.



Bow and Bay Windows are a beautiful way

to add architectural interest to your home

both inside and out.



Patio doors extend a room

to the outside, adding

instant spaciousness and

light to your home.

















Maintenance freedom enables you to

enjoy the new look of your windows for

life-with minimal effort. To clean, simply

tilt the windows inside. Scraping and

painting? With Double Tilt Elite Windows,

never again. Tough, vinyl frames and

sashes never peel, chip, warp or crack.


Reduced heating and cooling costs

may be enjoyed through the superior

insulating performance of our Double Tilt

Elite Windows. Your heating and cooling

systems may run more efficiently due to

our multi-chamber design. This design

utilizes air space for maximum thermal

insulation, often resulting in significantly

lower energy bills.


A dramatic new look gives you a

renewed enjoyment of your home. It's

amazing the difference new windows can

make in the appearance of your home:

added light, spaciousness and warmth.


A custom-fit for cost savings and

durability ensures that you are investing

in the most efficient window replacement

available. Each window is pre-measured

for a tailored fit to the existing window

opening. In most cases, wall renovations

are not needed. Additional features and

manufacturing processes provide optimum

thermal performance.

A Lifetime Limited Warranty*

provides the added assurance you

need to feel more comfortable about your

decision to invest in Double Tilt Elite

Windows. An investment you will enjoy

not only for the beauty it brings your

home, but for the value it adds to it:

decreased maintenance, increased energy

efficiency and enhanced resale value.



The Performance Driven Difference.


1. Beveled exterior master frame.

2. Multiple insulating air chambers help to reduce conduction and increase energy efficiency.

3. Extra thick extrusion walls provide ultimate welding strength.

4. Exclusive triple lift rails for ease of operation.

5. Meeting rail interlock gives protection from the weather as well as added security

6. Metal reinforcement for added strength at the meeting rails.

7. Full-capture sill for added protection from air and water infiltration.

8. Ouad-4 weatherstripping at the header and sill for added protection from the elements.

9. Insulated glass unit with optimal air space and the PPG lntercept ™ Spacer System improves the window's year-round performance.

10. Hidden screen track for added beauty.





Other Features


• Fusion-welded sash and master frame for added strength.

• Tilt-in sashes for ease of cleaning.

• Full balance covers help protect against air infiltration and add a finished look to the window interior.

• Constant force balances eliminate sash cords, weights and pulleys, and make opening and closing the window easier.

• Protective hollow bulb seal at the sill acts as a secondary weatherstripping.

• Color-coordinated tilt latches as well as lock and keeper for a clean, consistent appearance.

• Color-coordinated dual vent locks limit the movement of the sashes from the interior and exterior while allowing for ventilation.





• High performance Low-E glass with argon gas for added energy efficiency.

• Obscure glass available.

• Choose from standard, contour or brass grids.

• Colonial or diamond grids, as well as specialty grooved glass patterns.

• Full or half fiberglass screens for all models.

• All models available in beige.


Double Tilt Fusion Welded Vinyl Windows

Double Tilt Elite

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Double Tilt Premium

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